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Dear friends, welcome our new Spider Solitaire Card game which you can download for FREE on any type of Android or iOS device. With Free Spider Solitaire you can have limitless fun at any occasion anytime. Want to have few minutes break or chilly afternoon, simply grab your mobile and start playing. Spider Solitaire is an old-time classic card game which can be played by all ages and believes. Spider Solitaire is unique in a way that it combines logic and savvy with gambling experience, being quick and simple. It takes around 10 minutes to accomplish a game, and people from all over the world are enjoying Spider Solitaire instantly, starting from kids and up to Solitaire masters. Spider Solitaire is definitely addictive and rewards you with excitement and satisfaction every time you play.

The best thing about Monster Game Studios Spider Solitaire is that it is very social and you can play it absolutely for FREE. You can invite your friends from social networks like Facebook or Google+ and play together. You also have opportunity to challenge more than 20 million people from all over the world and become part of friendly engaging community of like-minded people. While playing Spider Solitaire you can always interact with the opponents via real time chat, where you even can exchange fun presents. You can create and edit friend lists and play multi-player games together.

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Free Spider Solitaire Game Strategy

Free Spider Solitaire is played with 2 decks of cards, so you have 104 cards at the beginning lying in so called tableau piles. You goal is to get rid of all of them by building cards runs. The game screen has 10 piles of face-down cards, where only top cards are open. First 4 piles include 6 cards each, and the remaining 6 have 5 cards in it. The other 50 cards are kept in the stock pile faces down in the right bottom corner of the screen.

So your objective is to construct 8 piles of same suit cards in descending order. Every time you complete such a card run, the whole pile will disappear from the screen. Then the game is complete and you won. Spider Solitaire is challenging since you can run out of moves easily. If that happens you should flip the stock pile, which will draw you 10 new cards on top of each card in the tableau. To flip the stock all of the tableau spaces should be filled at least with one card.

You can move cards between the piles during the game, putting lower rank cards on top of the higher ones without worrying about suit. If you have incomplete descending card run of the same suit, you can move all of them at once putting on top of the higher rank same suit card, but you cannot do this when cards of different suit. Notice that cards run of different suit doesn't disappear even if it is completed, it is more of sparing the space to open underlying cards.

Free Spider Solitaire Features

Free Spider Solitaire is top notch game equipped with the latest technologies practices, cutting edge design and super friendly game logic. The game includes beautiful themes design and high quality graphics. You can download Spider Solitaire on any type of Android or iOS devices absolutely for FREE form Google Play or App Store. Monster Game Spider Solitaire doesn't support third party ads and playing it you always stay secured from hidden traffic fees and unwanted interruptions.

Free Spider Solitaire card game is extremely social. Here you can enjoy different exciting game modes, starting from playing by yourself versus intelligent computer and by taking part in multi-player tournaments. Multi-player tournaments can be held on different levels and occasions. There are regular Promo tournaments with enormous pool prizes you can be part of. There are Spider Solitaire card game leagues, where you can both enjoy your won league and play tournaments within it, or compete with others on country or world level. The winners of league tournaments regularly are getting listed on Spider Solitaire leader boards and receive generous prizes. Every league includes numerous sub-levels and all the games are arranged in the way that you play versus opponent of similar XP level. Spider Solitaire tournaments played by 8 people at once on the rotation basis. Apart of tournaments there are exciting mini-games you definitely should try in Spider Solitaire for FREE. Among them are Wheel of Fortune, Slots and Scratch and Win.

Download Spider Solitaire now for FREE and start having limitless fun with us!